Detroit born, farm-raised American who enjoys designing innovative software, business turnarounds, and sailing around the world.

My Sailing Adventure


High energy persistent problem solver.

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Jack Yeager

Software Architect / Business Improvement Specialist

Jack, middle of five children, was born in Detroit Michigan but grew up on a small farm in Southern Ohio where he raised angus cattle and pigs.




Miami FL, USA

BS in Architecture



Always seeking turnaround opportunities.


Business & Assets Acquisitions

Holding Entity seeking to acquire small businesses / business assets with $3m - $25m in revenue with no to minimal EBITDA. Corporate divestitures, retiring ownership and distressed situations are ideal

Business Process Automation

2021 launch of newly developed Business Process Automation software. Easily configurable and highly intuited application is ideal for remote resource management, prospect and client marketing and or workflow automation of [ records / cases / loans / policies ] etc.


Owner / CEO
2010 - 2018

Personally acquired distressed assets of pharmaceutical software services business. The Philadelphia-based business, Sylogent, was acquired in March of 2018.

CEO / Turnaround
2007 - 2008

Managed entire carve out and stand up of $100m+ pharmaceutical services business for Platinum Equity. Improved EBITDA from -$13m to +$3m in 18 months.

CEO / Turnaround
2006 - 2007

Executed turnaround of $5m contract packing business located in Los Angeles, CA for Platinum Equity.

Founder / CEO
2000 - 2005

Designed and developed online diet & meal planning system. Created company owned brands while also licensing system to large entities such as Discovery Network, Lifetime Fitness and Powerhouse Gyms.

Sales & Marketing Professional
1993 - 1999

Opened State of Michigan for private mortgage insurance company. Designed my first software system that automated sales and marketing process which helped me become an industry leading sales representative. In one year I personally generated over $1.2b of new insurance.

Founder / Owner
1988 - 1990

Started my first business [ lawn care ] to pay for my university education.


Always improving my skill set.

Software Design

I don't write the code but I did find good use for my BS in Architecture.

Business Turnaround

Fixing a distresses or underperforming business is a great use of my skills and energy.


I enjoy the efforts, process and challenge of securing new clients.


The first application I designed automated my entire marketing proceess in 1991.

Dev Ops

Spent 3 years implementing Dev Ops process at previous company.

Business Automation

I can implment business process automation and Artificial Intelligence tools into almost any business.


Logical. Curious. Authentic. Driven.

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YES - It's Possible

Jack Yeager

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It depends on what your definition of [ X ] is.

Jack Yeager

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It's a math problem.

Jack Yeager

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Continual Self-Improvement solves most personal problems.

Jack Yeager

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Jack Yeager

Depends on what your definition of [ X ] is.

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Everything is a process.

Jack Yeager

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Where the !?#@$#$ is Steve Jobs

Jack Yeager


If you have something interesting.

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